ODDERO Poderi e Cantine adds a prestigious parcel to their viticultural legacy

The historic La Morra winery acquires a vineyard within the renown Monvigliero MGA. At the same time, the newest generation invests in a parcel of land in Monleale, part of the Derthona Timorasso DOC appellation.

Monvigliero is certainly the Grand Cru of Verduno. Testimony of this fact is in writing in Alessandro Masnaghetti’s authoritative work on the Additional Geographic Mentions (Menzione Geografiche Aggiuntive) of the Barolo DOCG appellation. Its prestige and fame remain as such, even in comparison with other renown vineyards within the appellation.

The parcel acquired by Oddero Poderi e Cantine is centrally located within this prestigious cru. It spans 0.74 Ha with southern exposure and raises around 310m above sea level. The vines are over 60 years old, and it is quite possible that, amongst the rows, Michet, a historic subvariety of Nebbiolo, can be found in good health.

Mariacristina, Isabella and Pietro Oddero were motivated to purchase this vineyard by a number of factors, both professional and personal.

Da sx. Pietro Oddero, Mariacristina Oddero, Giacomo Oddero und Isabella Oddero (c) Clay McLachlan

As Isabella shares, “Monvigliero was the cru we were missing in our estate; it is synonymous, for us, with great wines. Fragrant, elegant and with sweet tannins. This vineyard has marked traits of diversity in respect to other family plots in Serralunga and Monforte, which are more suited to the production of nicely structured wines.” But at the core of the purchase is a deeply felt familial and personal motivation. “By choosing to take this big step, Pietro and I, have truly grasped what it means to invest in the future. We created the unique opportunity to pass through the generations a very beautiful vineyard in the heart of the appellation that is perfectly exposed. We have taken up our part in the family legacy, adding to the estate and increasing value, tangible and otherwise which truly connects us the same motivations that pushed our grandfather Giacomo when he purchased the original parcels of land that continue to make up our estate. It is a feeling of personal challenge, great pride and immense responsibility. We are the seventh generation of the Oddero family, now it is our time to clear the path forward, the path originally traced by those who preceded us,” Isabella continues. Furthermore, she shares that, “Monvigliero was one of my aunt Cristina’s, who has been involved for a long time with the winery, wishes.”

The good news does not end here. Just a little further away, in the Municipality of Monleale in the Province of Alessandria, there is a 1.45 Ha parcel of land that has never been planted. It is here that the new Monlià farm will be rooted. Monlià is a project born out of friendship between Isabella and Pietro and the owners of the celebrated Osteria More e Macine in La Morra. Pietro recounts, “It was a dinner like many others at the Osteria that sparked the flame. In the fall of 2017, the idea for Monlià was hatched. With the guidance from our great friend and esteemed colleague, Walter Massa, this plot of around one and a half acres will be our newest oenological challenge; growing Timorasso, one of the most important native Italian white wine grapes and a vine that embodies the ancient soul of Piedmont viticulture.”


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