These are the lots of this year’s Douro Boys Auction: Place your bids!

They are the superstars of the Portuguese wine scene and have created a worldwide sensation over the past fifteen years with their wines. As ‘Douro Boys’, Cristiano van Zeller, Francisco Olazabal, Dirk Niepoort, Francisco Ferreira & Tomas Roquette have caught the attention of international wine experts and put an entire wine region on the map.

Cristiano Van Zeller, Francisco Xita Olazabal, Dirk van der Niepoort, Francisco Ferreira, Tomas Roquette 2019 © Jorge Simao

Cristiano van Zeller, Francisco Xito Olazabal, Dirk van der Niepoort, Francisco Ferreira, Tomas Roquette © Jorge Simão, 2019

To celebrate their fifteenth anniversary, the Douro Boys have created an exceptional Red Wine Cuvée and a stunning Vintage Port – both from the sensational 2017 vintage and bottled exclusively in magnums. For the upcoming auction on 10 October 2019, these two unique wines have been organised into a total of fifty lots, along with some of the rarest wines from the five quintas – and some other specials that cannot actually be purchased, such as a day spent fishing on the Douro with Jaime Olazabal, surfing lessons taught by Miguel Roquette or a game of chess with Dirk Niepoort.

Douro Boys Auction 2019 © Patrick Band

Douro Boys Auction 2019 © Patrick Band

A total of 750 magnums of the Red Wine Cuvée and 350 magnums of the Vintage Port will be auctioned on 10 October 2019. You have the option of either bidding on-site (Six Senses Hotel, Douro Valley), live over the telephone, or until 25 September by submitting written bids for your desired lots.

The auction catalogue is already available to download here:


To register, please download the REGISTRATION FORM and send it to douroboys@wine- via e-mail.

Joao Ferreira, Luisa Olazabal, Francisco Ferreira, Miguel Roquette, Dirk Niepoort, Tomas Roquette, Francisco Olazabal, Cristiano & Francisca van Zeller 2019 © Douro Boys

The individuals behind the five estates: João Ferreira (Quinta do Vallado), Luisa Olazabal (Quinta do Vale Meão), Francisco Ferreira (Quinta do Vallado), Miguel Roquette (Quinta do Crasto), Dirk Niepoort, Tomás Roquette (Quinta do Crasto), Francisco Olazabal (Quinta do Vale Meão), Cristiano & Francisca van Zeller (Quinta Vale D. Maria)

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