Douro Boys auction “private experiences” with winemakers

They are celebrities – not only in Portugal, but around the world. Wherever the five Douro Boys pop up, there is a crowd of fans and admirers around them. It’s nearly impossible to meet up individually with the winemakers from the picturesque valley, who have turned the appellation “Douro” to a great classic in the world of wine. Therefore, the “private experiences” they offer for their 15th birthday auction, are rare moments and privileges you can not buy in real life.

Cristiano Van Zeller, Francisco Xita Olazabal, Dirk van der Niepoort, Francisco Ferreira, Tomas Roquette 2019 © Jorge Simao

The Douro Boys have turned into celebrities. Cristiano van Zeller, Francisco Olazabal, Dirk Niepoort, Francisco Ferreira, Tomas Roquette (c) Douro Boys

Have you ever dreamt of surfing the highest waves of the Atlantic Ocean with Miguel Roquette?
Or do you prefer training your mind within a game of chess with Dirk Niepoort?

Then this is your chance! Not only the limited Douro Boys Cuvée and Douro Boys Vintage Port 2017 are up for auction. Also, private and exclusive experiences with the people behind these wines are promising features of our lots.

The auction catalogue is already available to download HERE.
To register, please download the REGISTRATION FORM and send it to via e-mail.

Douro Boys Auction Lot n°7 © Douro Boys

Lot n°7: Dirk van der Niepoort is one of the most famous winemakers of the world – therefore he’s always surrounded by a crowd of fans. Want to spend some quality time with him, just two by two? This lot offers a game of chess with Dirk, followed by a dinner for two with selected premium wines at his residence.

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Douro Boys Auction Lot n°7 © Douro Boys

Lot n°8: Francisca van Zeller – the female power of the Douro Boys. She is smart, pretty, elegant and very knowledgeable about the wines of her own vineyard. By bidding on this lot, you can enjoy an exciting vertical tasting of “Vinha da Francisca”, including a dinner in a restaurant of Francisca’s choice in Porto for you, five friends and her.

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Douro Boys Auction Lot n°15 © Douro Boys

Lot n°15: This lot combines nothing but the best – a luxurious dinner for two persons at “The Yeatman” hotel with a selection of the most iconic wines. All together with the famous Tomás Roquette from the not less famous Quinta do Crasto.

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Douro Boys Auction Lot n°19 © Douro Boys

Lot n°19: This one’s for you and your very best friends – take the once in a lifetime chance to have partridge, shot personally by Cristiano van Zeller, for lunch at Quinta de Santo Inácio de Fiães, paired with Quinta Vale D. Maria. And to make this experience even better, you can watch a FC Porto Champion’s League or Europe’s League football match at Dragão stadium with six persons in total!

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Douro Boys Auction Lot n°24 © Douro Boys

Lot n°24: Always dreamt about travelling to Macau – the Asian version of Las Vegas? Pay the vivid city a visit and add this lot to your trip. It offers a dinner at one of the Casino Hotels with João Álvares Ribeiro and the wines of Quinta do Vallado on a date of your choosing for six persons.

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Douro Boys Auction Lot n°32 © Douro Boys

Lot n°32: A romantic weekend for two persons during harvest including accommodations for two nights in a suite with candlelight dinner, as well as ‘Harvest Experience’ with Francisco Ferreira, with ‘foot-treading in the lagares’

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Douro Boys Auction Lot n°47 © Douro Boys

Lot n°47: Portugal, the place to be for Surfing! But what do the Douro Boys and the large wooden board have in common? You have the unique chance to get a private surfing lesson by the one and only Miguel Roquette! Simply bid on this lot for conquering the highest waves together with him!

I want to place a bid on lot n°47

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