Excellent grape quality: the first exclusively DOC harvest of Pinot grigio delle Venezie has concluded

A year of great quality where the efforts and apparatus of the “Consorzio DOC delle Venezie” guarantee the traceability and supervision of all of Tri-Veneto Pinot grigio from the vine to its first “exclusively DOC” harvest.

Very healthy grapes, thanks to a favourable season, and an increase in volume of 15/20% on average compared to previous years. Respect for the production potential dictated by procedural guidelines and storage actions launched by the Consortium promises balance in the marketing of this certified product.

Gambellara, 19 September 2018 – The second grape harvest of the “Consorzio DOC delle Venezie” is coming to a close – it is the first harvest of entirely DOC Pinot grigio. It is characterised by healthy, high quality grapes with an average increase in volume, in the various vineyards, of between 15 and 20 percent compared to the average of previous years which is in line with the positive national trend, also reaching +30% in 2017 in some areas, which is in line with the European trend.

“It is our first exclusively DOC Pinot grigio harvest which we are celebrating with very good overall quality and a management of the production potential by the Consortium which will help us win trust and serenity in the markets”, commented the President of the Consorzio DOC delle Venezie, Albino Armani.
A favourable climate allowed the vineyards to reach a state of “good health” resulting in the right gradation of sweetness and balanced acidity levels in the grapes. Good weather graced the Tri-Veneto area during the grape harvest thus allowing for the harvesting of the grapes in the best conditions, bringing a healthy product to the cellars and promising a very interesting vintage. The first harvest after the definitive end of IGT bottling will bring exclusively DOC products which are checked and certified right from the vine to the market. A critical step in order to put the Consortium in a position, through targeted actions and tools, to better manage the production potential even in plentiful years like the current one and to promote a free but balanced development of sales.

The most important still Italian DOC white wine in terms of volume, which with its 95% of exports leads our country’s worldwide award winning export of still whites (source: Nomisma Wine Monitor), is ready to face its second year of sales with a forecast of product availability in line with market demands taking into account the quantity collected in 2017 – when 2.1 million hectolitres were produced – and the sales and exportation trends confirm the “zero stock” objective for year-end. As a precautionary measure, against a harvest which was predicted as being generous, the Consortium prudently asked for storage space (for a defined quota equal to 20% of the predicted production) from the Autonomous Province of Trento and the Regions of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto last July, thus guaranteeing itself a tool which would allow it to modify the supply of product from the Venetian Pinot grigio 2018 grape harvest in line with the evolution of demand.

The Pinot grigio has given the best of itself this year,” continued the President “managing to combine colour, acidity and PH at maximum levels with generous quantities on the vine which allows us to best approach the second year of sales of this young denomination. We were able to make use of a series of tools – management of the potential foreseen by procedures, control systems and the activation of measures such as storage – which offer the conditions to both the Industry and the Consortium for the coherent management of the volume of the product obtained from the newly finished grape harvest in order to guarantee a climate of “commercial serenity”, avoiding the risks of marked fluctuation of prices for the improvement and stabilisation of market dynamics”.



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