Great success of delle Venezie Pinot grigio DOC: excellent results for the six-month period, over one million hl of certified wine, zero stock by the end of the year

Great success of DOC delle Venezie Pinot Grigio: excellent results for the six-month period, over one million hl of certified wine, zero stock by the end of the year.

Great half-yearly for the DOC delle Venezie: it has been exceeded one million hl of certified wine (1.003.615 hl), 73% of the harvested 2017 production, more than 130 million bottles of Pinot grigio, DOC claimed and required by foreign markets, confirming a trend able to expect the zero stock before the end of the current campaign (December 2018).

These numbers, which have been steadily increasing over the last few months, motivate the growth of confidence by Italy’s Northeastern vinegrowers and winemakers towards the Consortium’s strategies, aiming the reorganization of the production system in order to guarantee maximum traceability of the supply chain – in the interest of both operators and consumers – and affirming delleVeneziePinot Grigio DOC on the complex international market of a vine cultivated in different countries of the world.

“The positive signs that come from the market, confirmed by the growth in the demand for certified products – which has exceeded one million hl – and bottled, invite however to maintain a balanced attitude towards the future” comments the President of the Consorzio delle Venezie DOC, Albino Armani “looking with extreme care and sense of responsibility for the forthcoming harvest, which is expected to be richer (+ 20%) – basing on the results of the technical-economic report elaborated by the Interdepartmental Center for Viticulture and Oenology Research University of Padua, ‘CIRVE’ – this promises a development of the appellation that will be governed in order to maintain the balance and stability in tradings”.

This positive trend will be accompanied by the definitive cease of the bottling of the old IGT starting from August 1st2018, an historical and important event that closes a phase regarding the entire Italian Northeastern Pinot grigio which will therefore leave the cellars only guaranteed as DOC.

“Starting today the real Pinot grigio delle Venezie will be “DOC delle Venezie”, recognisable by the Italian Government Seal that certifies the origin of the grapes and the entire traceability of the wine entirely subjected to strict controls in all the production steps to the final organoleptic quality” states Albino Armani and continues “This great result desired by our Consortium in order to offer to the final consumer a real guarantee of quality can be realised only through the controlled appellation. Plus, looking at key appointments as international oenological competitions, opinion leaders and journalists reviews, sales trends and social networks’ following, we are pleased to see that international markets have finally understood our “revolution”. Stocked wines in our cellar is running out and we are preparing for a very good harvest in the name of the unique style which is ‘Italian Style Pinot grigio’”.

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